Vision Media Plus is the largest segment of outdoor TV screen; our customers may make known their products and services through our media supports numbered 13-7 in Bucharest and six other six largest cities. We are on the market since 2006 and we continue to develop and offer innovative and high quality outdoor solutions, constantly improving our services.


We offer you the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of video advertisements outdoors on large screens placed in special areas, crowded, with car and pedestrian traffic. Our systems support videos that include graphics, animation and text constantly changing, unlike static media. This provides a much higher efficiency than classic outdoor display type as shown in the first part of the impact study conducted by Operations Research (OR). The quality of the surface exposure changes the old static surfaces, sometimes dirty, paper or PVC with special LED optical surfaces that bring dynamics.

The ad spot may be obtained by adjusting the TV set, or may be created specifically for this type of exposure.

With one cost of production can cover all screens – we do not need separate production for each decorated panel.

There is the possibility to alternate promoting a brand image with dedicated campaigns (promotions) at the same costs and the same panel.

Decoration or redecoration can be made by changing the image content in a very short time and at no additional cost, including remote (using the Internet implementation).


We have activated a system of permanent monitoring by video cameras tracking each screen, so that our clients can soon follow, permanently, online, running campaigns in all our locations.


On LED screens images are composed of pixels made up of three LEDs of different colors (red, green and blue), each LED with 256 levels of brightness that can play up to 16 million colors, similar to computer screens.

Our screens have 256 pixels length and 192 pixels tall (percentage of 4: 3 – often used in outdoor), in a total number of 49152 pixels. The surface exposure of our screens is 20sqm (5,12m x 3,84m height width), the distance between pixels is 20mm.

Display area: 20 sq.m.

Number of modules used: 16

Power consumption: 15 kW

Total LEDs: 147 456