Products and Services

Vision Media Plus Team provides all the following services specializing in solutions for display advertising:

Broadcast Conditions

The entire TV screen network consists of displays with surface between 20 and 40 sqm. Commercials broadcast are contained in advertising blocks with a length of max. 3 minutes.
In the advertising block composition we can put spots between 6 and max. 30 seconds.
A recommended standard package refers to broadcast 10 seconds spot with 480 broadcasts per day and 14,400 broadcasts per month.


An experienced team formed of specialists from advertising environment will advise you in choosing the optimal broadcast duration network that is suitable to your needs.


Our creative team offers free creative solutions for animated commercials, obtained from graphics provided by you.

Services – Maintenance and Monitoring

A team of professionals is always ready to intervene against possible failures of electronic nature. Monitoring services are available directly from the Internet, so we can follow permanently broadcasting of advertising clips online.